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The LPCXpresso IDE is based on the Eclipse IDE framework, and many of the core features are described well in generic Eclipse documentation and in the help files to be found on the LPCXpresso IDE’s Help -> Help Contents menu. That also provides access to the LPCXpresso User Guide (this document), as well as the documentation for the compiler, linker, and other underlying tools. LPCXpresso LPCXpresso is a low-cost development platform available from NXP supporting NXP's ARM-based microcontrollers. LPCXpresso is an end-to-end solution enabling embedded engineers to develop their applications from initial evaluation to final production. Features¶ NXP LPC4337 MCU ARM® Cortex™-M4 Core 204MHz, 136KB RAM, 1MB FLASH MCU Xpresso SDK Builder . The MCUXpresso SDK brings open source drivers, middleware, and reference example applications to speed your software development. Customize and download an SDK specific to your processor or evaluation board selections. LPC1343 LPCXpresso Board; Processor: NXP's Cortex-M3 LPC1347 microcontroller in LQFP48 package: Flash: 64 KByte: Data Memory: 12 KByte: EEPROM: 4 KByte: Clock Crystals: 12.000 MHz crystal for CPU: Dimensions: 35 x 140 mm: Power: 3.15V-3.3V external powering, or from USB via JTAG probe (LPC-LINK) Connectors: All LPC1347 pins available on expansion connector (2x27 pin rows, 100 mil pitch, 900 The LPCXpresso IDE gives developers a low-cost way to create high-quality applications for LPC microcontrollers (MCUs). Based on the Eclipse platform, it has many enhancements to simplify application development and debugging. It features the industry-standard GNU toolchain with a choice of libraries: a proprietary, optimized C library or the standard GNU Newlib library. The LPCXpresso IDE can be used to build an executable of any size with full code optimization.

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أبراج ، تبصير، الخيار الاخير!!! - YouTube

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